CJ Aberin, CCSP

ASCSP Certified Member #C0070-07
877.525.4462 x148

CJ Aberin is a Principal at KBKG and oversees the Green Building Tax Incentive practice. Over the last several years, CJ has performed Green Building Tax Incentive studies and Cost Segregation for clients in various industries that range from Fortune 500 companies to individual real estate investors. He has analyzed projects spanning the entire US, including multifamily and apartment projects, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, manufacturing & industrial facilities, retail outlets, offices, auto dealerships, casinos, golf courses, gas stations, and restaurants. In addition to securing millions in energy efficiency tax credits & accelerated deductions for his clients, CJ has provided additional real estate and tax consulting services such as construction risk consulting, research & experimentation tax studies, asset retirement/demolition studies, and bonus depreciation consulting. His tax savings advice has benefited clients and has been featured in numerous publications from the California Real Estate Journal to the New York Real Estate Journal. He is a frequent speaker and has provided continuing professional education to thousands of CPA’s across the country on various real estate tax issues.

CJ is accredited to certify energy efficient tax credits and is one of the first professionals in the country to earn the highest level of industry certification in Cost Segregation. He currently co-chairs PrimeGlobal’s Construction & Real Estate Group, which has over 200 members.

Prior to joining KBKG, CJ was responsible for starting, developing and overseeing the Cost Segregation department at one of Southern California’s largest regional accounting firms. His prior experience includes managing Cost Segregation professionals for one of the Big Four accounting firms as well as a nationally recognized valuation services firm. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from the University of Southern California.

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