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  • KBKG Tax Insight: Words matter when describing R&D credit activitiesKBKG Tax Insight: Words Matter When Describing R&D Credit Activities
    As featured in Accounting Today We’ve all experienced a situation where our intent and the meaning of something we’ve said or written was misinterpreted by the recipient. There are numerous articles available for many situations to help us avoid this problem, such as the how to ask the boss for a raise or the best way to close a deal. These same concepts are just as important when the IRS is auditing the R&D credit. In this article, I’ll try to help you avoid some of the problems that can come up during an audit by using the wrong words. Word Choice Matters From my experience, there are words often used to describe qualified research that unfortunately are used in IRS training to describe non-qualified research. KBKG Insight: Most audits of the R&D credit are conducted by … Read More

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