Keeping you informed of recent news, updates on industry-specific
credits and incentives, and regional events.
Keeping you informed of recent news,
updates on industry-specific credits
and incentives, and regional events.

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  • [Video] Types of Sampling Methodologies with Mark Bodenstab
    Many companies are hesitant to take advantage of the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit for fear of a possible IRS audit. In our video series, former IRS engineering officials discuss how many companies can avoid IRS scrutiny by properly describing their research activities. KBKG’s IRS Audit Defense videos give a better understanding of how the audit process occurs. The video series features two of our former IRS professionals, Jack Jolly and Mark Bodenstab. Viewers can expect to learn what is involved in an IRS audit of the R&D Tax Credit, how to be prepared in the event of an audit, and many more hot topics. In the second video of the series, you will hear from Mark Bodenstab. He talks about the two different types of sampling methodologies for research & … Read More

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Regional News & Events

  • Feature: Research and Development Tax Credits for Pennsylvania and Federal Perspectives with PICPA
    CPA Conversations · Research and Development Tax Credits: Pennsylvania and Federal Perspectives Our Research and Development Principal, Paul McVoy, was featured on PICPAs CPA Conversations podcast and interviewed by Bill Hayes, Managing Editor of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal. Paul discusses … Read More
  • KBKG is Speaking and Exhibiting at the ICPAS SUMMIT21
    Lester Cook, Alex Martin, and Michael Maroney will be speaking at the ICPAS SUMMIT21 along with our Regional Director, Kyle Ernsberger who will be exhibiting at booth 3. The Tax Conference brings together tax professionals in public or private accounting. If you’re at the conference, please … Read More
  • KBKG is Sponsoring the BOMA Golf Classic
    Lester Cook, Todd French, and Kyle Ernsberger from our Midwest Office will be sponsoring the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA) Golf Classic on Thursday, August 12th. They will be located at Course 3, Hole 4 (featured below) at the prestigious Cog Hill Golf and Country Club. … Read More
  • Feature: R&D for Agriculture with Harvest Harmonics
    Jim Kurtz, Executive Director of Harvest Harmonics, interviewed our Principal, Jon Tucker, and Director, William Long. They discussed the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit for the agriculture industry and gave farmers valuable information that they can use to make their farms and business more … Read More

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