Software and tools designed for CPAs and small businesses to maximize
their tax savings.

Effortless Tax Credit and Incentive Calculations

Our KBKG Software Hub of powerful tools empowers businesses of all sizes to easily navigate the intricacies of various tax incentives, including the R&D Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Credit, Cost Segregation Savings, Residential Cost Segregator®, 481(a) Adjustment, Partial Disposition, Employee Retention Tax Credit, and IC-DISC Federal Export Tax Incentive. With our user-friendly and accurate calculators, you can now harness the full potential of these incentives to boost your client's bottom line.

Premium Software

Use our new proprietary software to calculate your Research and Development Tax Credits.
Software that allows CPAs to generate custom reports in just minutes.
On-demand calculation options designed to minimize the time needed to properly document and calculate RC §481(a) adjustments required for IRS Form 3115.

Free-of-Charge Calculation Solutions

Conduct a complimentary analysis to determine if an IC-DISC can benefit your company.
Did you retain employees during COVID? Use this calculator to estimate your Employee Retention Tax Credit potential.
Our FREE Cost Segregation Savings Calculator estimates your federal income tax savings.
Estimate your Federal and State R&D Tax Credit with our FREE Tax Credit Calculator.
Estimate your tax savings using our quick, simple R&D Payroll Tax Credit Calculator.
By providing basic data, the calculator provides a PPI adjusted value.