KBKG’s suite of software offers a range of tools built to maximize tax savings, create efficiencies, and scale your business. Login to our Solutions portal for access to our our flagship product – the Residential Cost Segregator – that transformed cost segregation for smaller residential properties. Or try out our 481(a) calculation. Coming soon, you’ll have access to our latest cutting edge software –!

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R&D Tax Credits up to $50,000!

R&D Tax Credit Software

CPAs, Small Businesses, & Start-ups

White-label dashboard, syncs with 200+ payroll systems, instant deliverable - flat fee!

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Residential Cost Segregator®

Properties up to $1.2M in depreciable basis

DIY Cost Segregation Software

Available for residential rental homes, condos, apartments and short-term vacation rentals up to 6-units with depreciable tax basis of $1,200,000 or less (excluding land)


481(a) Adjustment Calculator

Calculate IRC §481(a) adjustments required for IRS Form 3115, Change in Accounting Method

481(a) Adjustment

Adjustment Software for Cost Segregation, depreciation & repair deduction


Partial Disposition Calculator

Easy to use PPI adjusted value calculation using the discounting approach

Partial Disposition Calculator

By providing basic data, the calculator provides a PPI adjusted value while considering the condition of the respective component at the time it was acquired.


KBKG Solutions offers powerful tools that empower businesses of all sizes to easily navigate the intricacies of various tax incentives, including the R&D Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Credit, Cost Segregation Savings, Residential Cost Segregator®, 481(a) Adjustment, Partial Disposition, Employee Retention Tax Credit, and IC-DISC Federal Export Tax Incentive. With our user-friendly and accurate calculators, you can now harness the full potential of these incentives to boost the bottom line.


I had an excellent experience working with KBKG as the controller and tax manager for my employer. I had worked with other credit providers in the past. They felt very organized and were courteous and easy to work with. They exceeded expectations in their work product and the amount of credits we received. Very happy experience all the way around. Thanks KBKG.

Chris Julien Controller

KBKG is truly a great firm!!! I contacted them for a cost segregation study on a short term vacation rental property I own. From the initial engagement, they were very professional and down to earth. I do my own taxes and just completed a 1031 exchange as well. They took me through the entire process and explained it in a manner that I could understand. I ended up dealing with multiple people and was amazed at how experienced and knowledgeable the whole team was. Great experience and would highly recommend.

John Tomblin Short-Term Vacation Rental Property Owner

Excellent work and dealt properly with a procrastinating client, still in mourning over the loss of her husband. Great follow-up and loved the outcome for both a Section 481(a) adjustment and a stepped-up basis due to husband's death.

Doug Thorburn CPA

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Conduct a complimentary analysis to determine if an IC-DISC can benefit your company.
Did you retain employees during COVID? Use this calculator to estimate your Employee Retention Tax Credit potential.
Our FREE Cost Segregation Savings Calculator estimates your federal income tax savings.
Estimate your Federal and State R&D Tax Credit with our FREE Tax Credit Calculator.
Estimate your tax savings using our quick, simple R&D Payroll Tax Credit Calculator.
By providing basic data, the calculator provides a PPI adjusted value.