Attendee Testimonials & Reviews

California Enterprise Zones are of no use to me in my practice but taking the hour and listening to Rob Campbell was well worth the time.

Rob was very knowledgeable and informative on the California Enterprise Zone topic. He also took almost 20 minutes at the end of the CPE to answer participant's questions, even though it was over the course's one hour timeframe. Thanks for the presentation!

This was a very informative and useful course. Scott presents the information in an interesting and understandable format. I've paid a lot of money for other CPE courses that were worth a lot less than Scott's - and his are free!

The Overview of Cost Segregation course provides a solid introduction to the real benefits of cost segregation studies. It will help CPAs recognize opportunities to add value to their clients.

Scott is an excellent presenter and the course covered the perfect amount of the various topics for an overview course. KBKG sounds like an excellent source for cost segregation analyses.

The courses offered by KBKG are dead on target. If there is a way to help a client that we are missing, why not dig deeper? Engineers know more about building components than CPAs ever will.

The green building course was very informative for our CPA firm. In today's environment there are many potential tax savings. The program was very well done.

What I learned from this webinar in two hours would have taken me days to research and absorb. Thank you, for providing such a valuable service to the practitioner community.

This was an outstanding presentation. Presented some cost segregation issues related to 1031 exchanges that are often overlooked. A lot of excellent material in 2 hours.

This course has been very informational. I have learned a ton about cost segregation. This has made me more aware of what needs to be done to perform a quality cost segregation study. I look forward to learning more about cost segregation and applying it to what I have already learned through these courses.

The course and materials are first rate and entertaining. The value of the content cost segregation information is substantial and knowledge of this area is important to tax and non-tax financial professionals.

If only all my CPE courses provided as many valuable tax practice tips as this Cost Segregation Study course provided, I would never have to suffer through class again. This course title belies the mother load of tax information on practical issues we face in tax preparation and planning. Don't miss taking this course!

I was thoroughly pleased with the entire Webinar series and would urge any CPA in public to take the course, expand your knowledge and evaluate what you can do for your clients!

An excellent course for any CPA or tax professional even if a cost segregation study is not in your future because the presenter provides valuable information about the current tax laws surrounding tax depreciation and asset classification.

I appreciate the opportunity to attend the course. I attended a live course presented in Oregon last spring but this course was helpful in reinforcing the concepts. Thanks.

I strongly recommend this course. I found out many things that will benefit my practice and have already identified some situations that might benefit from using a cost segregation study. And you can't beat the cost of free CPE.

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the cost seg classes. I haven't had an opportunity to do any cost seg work, but I still found the segments informative. The presenter is strong and manages to keep things flowing and lively with slides and audio

Many years ago, while still practicing as a CPA with one of the national firms, I had peripheral involvement with many of the ITC studies being performed at that time. It was very informative, and gratifying, to see the sophistication now being applied

Really enjoyed this class in particular. As a Real Estate Professional, it was extremely helpful to be reminded of current issues regarding active vs. passive participation in properties.

The presenter has mastered making an effective presentation on a difficult subject, Cost Segregation Engineering, on a difficult media, on-line course. I would recommend this course to any CPA, Tax Attorney, or Tax Professional.

The presentation was first-rate. This was my first exposure to this complex subject, but the issues were well presented and the presenter made them easily understood. Great job!

The classes provided by KBKG and the presenter; are so much more interactive than any other live webcast that I have taken. It almost feels as if you are there. The staff is very quick with answering any questions that you may have.

The Cost Seg courses I participated in with KBKG have helped me become much more familiar with this complex topic. They were well worth the time invested and I may even repeat them to reinforce the material presented.

This course is very thorough and easy to follow. The downloadable course content was a great resource to follow during the presentation and will serve as a great reference document for future use.

This course was an excellent overview of cost segregation and provided me with the appropriate level of information to understand the subject. As a CPA, I am better prepared to make recommendations to my clients about the value of cost segregation studies.

This was a very good introduction to the concept, history, and execution of cost segregations. I would recommend it for any CPA who has little or no cost segregation experience.

Wonderful webinar. No complications with audio, video, logging in, communication, or anything. Everything went perfectly and the presentation was informative and very worthwhile. A class act!