KBKG plans an educational and interactive booth experience for architect attendees at AIA’s largest annual event.

CHICAGO, June 20, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Nationwide tax specialty firm KBKG is set to exhibit at the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) A’22 Conference on Architecture in Chicago from June 22-25. At the exhibit, KBKG will showcase their architect industry services of R&D Tax Credits and 179D Deductions.

KBKG to present educational and interactive experience at booth 4128A’22 is the organization’s largest architecture and design event of the year and will provide continuing education opportunities, local tours, networking, and 500 exhibits. At the conference, KBKG plans to educate AIA members and attendees on the value of the 179D deduction and R&D Tax Credits for the architectural industry. KBKG’s Green Building Tax Incentives team is led by industry expert CJ Aberin who has been serving architects, multifamily developers, and home builders for nearly two decades.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s A’22. This is going to be a great opportunity for us to connect with our architecture clients and provide education about these often overlooked tax incentives. My team is looking forward to providing information and fun at booth 4128 in the exhibit hall. I encourage attendees to come by and see us,” remarked CJ Aberin, Principal of Green Building Tax Incentives.

In addition to 179D Deductions, KBKG also provides R&D Tax Credit services to the architecture industry. Architecture firms performing activities related to the development, design, or improvement of products, processes, formulas, or software can qualify for federal and state tax benefits.

Jack Jolly, Director of R&D Tax Credit Services, previously worked for the IRS for over 20 years and now oversees quality control of KBKG’s final deliverables and provides support for clients who have gone under audit.

“In my experience, I’ve seen reports that don’t include the facts and evidence to support the conclusions and related deductions and credits. That’s not the case for KBKG. The level of depth, accuracy, and dismissal of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach is why when an issue supported by a KBKG study is examined at audit, the outcome is typically with no or minimal adjustments. It’s exciting to be showcasing our services at AIA this year. I want architecture firms to know that KBKG is a company you can trust to provide best-in-class services from 179D deductions to R&D Tax Credits and more,” remarked Jack Jolly, Director of R&D Tax Credits.

Attendees of AIA’s A’22 event in Chicago can visit KBKG in the expo hall at booth number 4128.