Earlier this month, the Kansas University Jayhawks men’s basketball team captured the school’s 6th National NCAA Championship with a 72-69 victory over the North Carolina Tarheels. In one of the most competitive college basketball years to date, Kansas was crowned number 1. Much like college basketball, states compete to attract businesses and innovation to spur economic development. Recently, the state of Kansas looked to incentivize business research and development activities by passing bill H 2239, increasing the benefit for states performing R&D activities within Kansas.

On April 14th, 2022, the Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, signed into law changes to the Kansas State Research and Development Tax Credit incentive. For tax years beginning after December 31, 2022, Kansas increased the credit rate from six percent (6%) to ten percent (10%). Additionally, the changes include expanding eligibility for the credit beyond taxpayers subject to the Kansas corporate income tax to include all taxpayers that have a tax imposed on them as a result of the Kansas income tax act. Lastly, Kansas introduced a provision to allow taxpayers without a tax liability to transfer the R&D credit to another taxpayer.

KBKG Insight: It is important to note, the transferred Kansas state research credit will not entitle the transferee to a refund and the credit may only be transferred once.

Businesses operating within Kansas, especially flow-through entities, performing activities which potentially qualify for the state credit, should look to determine eligibility for this valuable benefit.

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