Malik Javed, CCSP

Cost Segregation
ASCSP Certified Member #C0138-10
877.525.4462 x751

Malik Javed is a Principal and oversees engineering operations for Cost Segregation projects at KBKG. He is a Certified member of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) and is currently a member of the ASCSP Technical Standards Committee. Since joining KBKG in 2004, Malik performed hundreds of Cost Segregation studies, regularly reviewed architectural and engineering drawings and construction cost budgets. His responsibilities include site inspections of residential, commercial, and manufacturing facilities. Malik has also successfully represented KBKG’s clients in an IRS audit.

Prior to joining KBKG, Malik worked as a Resident Engineer in Construction Management at PEPAC. He was responsible for the overall performance and quality of work; including the verification of bills, estimates, and claims, as well as supervising the construction of buildings in accordance with design and specifications.

Malik earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's of Science degree in Engineering Management from California State University, Northridge.

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