After 20+ years at the IRS reviewing corporate tax incentives, Jack Jolly still finds joy in his work; showing a great appreciation for those who innovate, dream, and build new software, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing facilities and more. Surprisingly, Jolly’s passion for this industry started well before he worked for the IRS. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Jack and learn more about his journey and what ultimately led him here to KBKG.

When Jack began his career in 1985, he was developing repair parts for the department of defense. It was there that he found his passion for research and development, trial and error, and creating a product from concept to completion.

“People that have not been involved in research, don’t often understand the problems that are related to bringing a product to market. They don’t understand what it takes to create something to function. I however, understand that process and appreciate the challenges faced in product development,” remarked Jolly.

After years of hands-on experience working in R&D, he took an opportunity with the IRS. From 1997 to 2018, Jack worked his way up from an engineer, reviewing cost segregation studies, research and development reports, valuation issues, and estate tax, to leading a team as territory manager. In one of the IRS’ main territories, Jack covered Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, and parts of Virginia. Before Jack retired in 2018, he shifted his focus specifically on the R&D tax credit as a senior analyst.

As newly appointed director, Jack is busy reviewing KBKG’s reporting practices. His goal: to elevate KBKG’s reporting process by answering all IRS questions upfront, creating efficiencies, and ensuring the best outcomes for our clients. Jack’s initial reaction to KBKG’s existing final R&D reports was one of surprise.

“KBKG provides some of the most thorough, detailed, and bulletproof reports in the industry. In my experience, I’ve seen reports that are only a few pages long. That’s not the case for KBKG. The level of depth, accuracy, and dismissal of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach is how they avoid audit time and again. It’s extra effort, but it works, and it shows their passion.”

In his role, Jack intends to add further depth and assist in resolving any issues that may arise, as an integral part of KBKG’s Audit Support. He plans to host a webinar on IRS Audits through our education portal in hopes to shed some light on the process and what to expect. As his new role begins with KBKG, his passion for helping others with their product development goals remains steadfast.

“Congress intended for us to be competitive with other countries in the research and development field. This credit allows us to encourage that competitiveness and make us major players in the global economy. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that helps innovators continue to move our nation forward.”

For more about Jack Jolly, visit his bio page. For information about our service, visit the research and development page.

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