Brian Applebaum is a Director with KBKG. Brian has over nine years of experience specializing in Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits. Brian has managed hundreds of R&D studies and leveraged important experience in IRS examination defense and strategic planning. Including R&D tax credit studies for a variety of industries, focusing on software, computer technology, high-tech manufacturing, architecture, and engineering.

Before joining KBKG, Brian worked for a top 10 CPA firm and two other tax consulting firms specializing in R&D tax credits. He has worked for over 7 years in the computer technology field. This included experience as a Project Manager and Senior Database Engineer overseeing the production of large-scale flight simulation databases for the Navy, as well as a myriad of production experiences in the video game and software development industries. Brian then attended law school and practiced in consumer protection and mass tort litigation for over three years.

Outside of work Brian enjoys playing pickleball with his wife and teenage daughter, is also an avid table tennis player, and is still a rabid fan of video games and VR technology. He is also into fantasy football and has been in the same league for 27 straight years and is a casual fan of Houston professional sports teams.

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