2020 was a rough year for everyone, but that didn’t deter us from continuing our commitment to Operation Gratitude! Our participation originated at the firm’s Woodland Hills Office in 2017 and has proliferated to several national branches. Jerilynn Pakcyk leads the current mission with the assistance of Jesús Alfaro. Amidst the distancing restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jerilynn and Jesús managed to schedule several virtual paracord assembly training sessions. Our colleagues throughout national offices were able to produce 750 top-quality paracords, even under the pandemic regulations.

Additionally, Jerilynn launched a letter-writing campaign and encouraged everyone to take a few moments to compose a “Thank you” or “Thinking of You” letter to our service members deployed in various international locations. They will be distributed in care packages & kits for first-line responders and military personnel. Good job, team!

Here are some memories of Paracord Assembly activities from 2018-2019.

KBKG Volunteers
Volunteers proudly showing off their hard work. (Top Row) May Sung, Emily Axt, Kimberly Hoang, Eve Yu, Jerilynn Pakcyk; (Bottom Row) CJ Aberin, Tyson McLaws, Zach Ferguson, Kurt Pfisterer, Adrian Ong.

Crafting bracelets
Volunteers using templates to craft bracelets.

May shares techniques with Victoria, So-Sum, & Kimberly. All hands-on deck for these remaining paracords.

If you’re interested in supporting operational gratitude or donating to the cause, please visit: https://www.operationgratitude.com/donate/.