Sales and Use Tax

KBKG’s Sales and Use practice provides multi-state sales tax consulting services to clients throughout the U.S. Our consultants have a long history of helping hundreds of companies recover overpaid taxes, reduce tax liabilities and implement best practices. As states struggle to fund budget requirements, sales tax revenue is of paramount importance, resulting in additional scrutiny and audits. KBKG is well positioned to support clients through a host of services.

KBKG helps ensure you…

· Don’t pay sales tax on exempt transactions
· Meet state specific filing deadlines to protect your taxpayer rights
· Don’t pay sales tax twice on the same transaction
· Control your sales tax liability exposure
· Are adequately prepared to manage a state tax audit
· Keep sales tax policies, procedures and tax manuals up to date

What is the Opportunity?

Most companies overpay Sales and Use taxes — which is not surprising considering the transaction volume and number of suppliers. Complex and cumbersome transaction tax laws require subject-matter expertise to remain compliant, avoid overpaying taxes and fully leverage statutory exemptions and exclusions.

Get Started Today

KBKG has saved clients millions through the successful reductions of state audit assessments and through the refund of overpaid taxes by conduction of reverse audits (i.e. overpayment reviews). Our consultants know what to ask, where to look and how to manage the recovery process with each state. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reduce your sales tax liability. Let KBKG recover your lost profits!