Tax Credits for the Life Sciences Industry

Recent regulatory changes have created additional opportunities for companies in the Life Sciences Industry (including Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, and Medical Devices). Companies in this industry can take advantage of a slew of credits including, but not limited to:

R&D Tax Credit Opportunities

The R&D Tax Credit, first enacted in 1981, has been one of the most valuable credits leveraged by companies. Every year, the R&D credit yields billions of dollars in federal and state benefits to companies engaged in qualifying research. Thousands of companies take advantage of the credit across a variety of industries. Recent legislation has made the R&D tax credit permanent and provides two key incentives for small businesses including:

•  Payroll Tax Credit
•  AMT Offset

These two incentives are of particular interest to start-up companies that often have NOL positions and would not otherwise immediately benefit from the R&D Tax Credit. » Learn more

Orphan Drug Tax Credit

Companies that have qualifying activities for the ODC may also qualify for the R&D Tax credit, but both credits cannot be claimed for the same expense. Typically, the ODC often provides a more lucrative benefit than the R&D Tax Credit. Yet, companies often fail to fully maximize the ODC that they are otherwise eligible to claim due to a lack of knowledge, expertise and/or resources. » Learn More

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