The Qualified Improvements Quick Reference Chart is KBKG’s most sought-after resource by CPAs across the nation. We have updated the chart to reflect recent changes.

Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) is defined as any improvement made by the taxpayer to an interior portion of a building that is nonresidential real property as long as the improvement is placed into service after the building was first placed into service by any taxpayer (IRC §168(k)(3)). Additionally, QIP specifically excludes expenditures for (1) the enlargement of a building, (2) elevators or escalators, or (3) the internal structural framework of a building.

KBKG’s QIP Quick Reference Chart – Updates

KBKG recently updated our QIP Reference Chart to show the ADS lives for each of the categories (QIP, QLI, etc.). The Section 179 column in the chart was also updated to indicate if it is applicable when ADS lives are elected. The chart also provides a comprehensive history of the bonus rules since its inception.

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