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Lee Melbourne-Weaver is a Senior Business Development Consultant at KBKG. He works closely with firm leaders in various parts of the sales cycle. Lee seeks to provide outstanding client service by fostering quality relationships with prospects, maintaining a high standard of professional ethics, and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit to help advance the prosperity of the firm.

As a Senior Business Development Consultant, Lee has worked with real estate investors and developers, contractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, and software developers.

In his role, he helps companies and their CPAs identify tax-saving opportunities to lower their tax burden. These benefits include Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credits, Green Building Tax Incentives, Transfer Pricing, and more. As a passionate advocate for businesses and a seasoned consultant of tax incentives, Lee has had the pleasure to work with a variety of companies throughout central California, as well as the greater Midwest from his time in KBKG’s Chicago Office.

Lee Melbourne-Weaver is from Auburn, California and graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Neuroscience. He enjoys both Golden Age TV and Reality TV, roots for the Atlanta Braves, and performs improvisational comedy with an independent team in theatres across Chicago.
To find out how our southeast team can maximize tax benefits for you or your clients, schedule a time on Lee's calendar.

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