Tax laws are extensive and complex, and without expert tax professionals answering critical questions, it’s easy to get lost. As a tax services provider, KBKG helps clients navigate complex matters such as the Employee Retention Credit, 174 Research and Expenses, Cost Segregation Green Building Tax Incentives like the 179D Deduction and 45L Credit and Transfer Pricing. These complicated tax programs are why KBKG only employs trusted IRS experts, CPAs, and accounting professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethics and provide valuable solutions for clients with integrity at the forefront. KBKG strives to operate from a point of integrity, with client satisfaction as the primary concern. Committing to do the right thing is what KBKG never wavers from.

KBKG Principles​

KBKG aims to be a top provider of tax services, which is why its leaders are the industry’s primary subject matter experts. KBKG distinguishes itself by adhering to the following principles:


Trusting KBKG with sensitive and private financial information is why CPAs and businesses continually choose to partner with a provider that is relied upon.


Acting objectively, KBKG cares about more than client retention and focuses on adhering to tax law by providing the best guidance possible to all its clients.


Valuing transparency and honesty, KBKG remains upfront about whether someone may or may not benefit from a certain tax program.


KBKG’s understanding of the intricacies behind the filing process and what qualifies for tax incentives allows its tax experts to have in-depth knowledge of various tax laws and regulations.


Promising to provide accurate and honest information while offering counseling for eligible tax credits and incentives

KBKG Employees Have the Right Qualifications

When looking for a provider of specialty tax solutions, be sure the necessary qualifications are met by everyone involved on a project. KBKG’s experts possess the credentials and experience needed to work in tandem with traditional tax preparers to help minimize one’s tax liability. By delivering results that are consistently relied on, KBKG ensures the right decisions are made for businesses of all kinds.

Listening to Understand

KBKG takes the initiative to stay up to date with important details in the tax code, including new laws and regulations, which are always communicated with clients. By approaching opportunities from a perspective of curiosity, KBKG communicates what is best suited for each client it partners with to understand who they are and what’s important to them. 

Emphasizing on Confidentiality

As a result of investing resources that secures its digital processes, KBKG is proud of its ability to handle confidential and sensitive tax information in a professional manner. When working with professional tax services, choosing a trusted partner that properly handles sensitive information is invaluable.

Investing in Relationships

CPAs and businesses partner with KBKG because of its experienced and trustworthy specialty tax services, as the tax code is designed to be complex. The reliable, professional experts at KBKG understand this and are available to answer questions about any situation. By seeking to understand clients in ways that are important to them, KBKG establishes a foundation of trust for their complex tax issues.

The KBKG Way

KBKG has established itself as a leading provider of turnkey tax services and solutions. Choosing to partner with KBKG means committing to providing clients with exceptional and legendary service. This has resulted from KBKG’s vision to be the leader in the industry by cultivating the best talent, understanding clients’ needs, and exceeding expectations. KBKG knows the importance of tax credits and incentives, and is confident that its knowledge and grounded footprint within the tax consulting space can benefit you.

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