Cost Segregation Analysis Minnesota

KBKG provides cost segregation services to property owners in Minnesota and throughout the United States. Cost segregation is a tax strategy that allows taxpayers to increase cash flow and decrease tax payments by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income tax.

A cost segregation study dissects construction costs that are usually depreciated over 27 ½ or 39 years. The primary goal of a cost segregation study is to identify all construction-related costs that can be depreciated over 5, 7, and 15 years. For example, 30% to 90% of the total electrical cost in most buildings can qualify as personal property and depreciated over 5 or 7 years. Reducing tax lives results in accelerated depreciation deductions, a reduced tax liability and increased cash flow for building and property owners in Minnesota.

Companies and individuals who have constructed, purchased, expanded, or remodeled any kind of real estate property in Minnesota since 1987 may qualify for cost segregation.

KBKG has successfully conducted thousands of cost segregation studies nationwide since 1999. We have performed cost segregation studies on property ranging from 10,000 to over one million square feet.

Cost Segregation Professionals: Minnesota
Our tax department provides support for all cost segregation tax related issues including 1031 exchanges, AMT, passive activity, abandonment write-offs, and lease provisions.

Comprehensive Cost Segregation Report

  • We provide the most comprehensive and “bullet-proof” cost segregation reports in the industry. Our cost segregation reports include cross-referenced estimated to cost manuals, IRS citations, supporting case law, and KBKG position papers.
  • Each cost segregation Minnesota report meets the IRS’ “13 Principle Elements of a Quality Cost Segregation Study.”
  • Our cost segregation studies conform to the “engineering approach.”
  • We perform site inspection of each facility in Minnesota to fully understand its use and condition.
  • For leased property in Minnesota, we provide detailed schedules by tenant.
  • Our cost segregation studies include audit consulting time.

Free Cost Segregation Minnesota Preliminary Analysis
A free cost segregation analysis can be conducted to estimate how much a cost segregation study can benefit you. We require some basic property information to begin. Our cost segregation analysis will estimate the potential tax savings and issue a proposal. Contact us today and get your free cost segregation analysis.