Want to know more about KBKG's industry-leading Cost Segregation services? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about Green Building Tax Incentives, or Enterprise Zone and Research & Development Tax Credits? Take an in-depth look at all of the different services KBKG offers through our downloadable brochures and white papers.

Research & Development:

» R&D Tax Credits
» R&D Case Study

Repair vs. Capitalization

» Repair vs. Capitalization

Green Building Tax Incentives:

» 179D Deductions, Energy Efficient Building Deductions
» 45L Residential Dwelling Tax Credits

Enterprise Zone:

» Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Overview
» Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Brochure
» Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Case Study

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC):

» WOTC Overview & Case Study

Cost Segregation Brochures:

» Tax Savings Strategies Using Cost Segregation
» Cost Segregation, The KBKG Advantage

Other Services:

» Accounts Payable Audit
» Fixed Asset Capitalization Review
» Property Tax
» Sales and Use Tax

Most of our PDF brochures are customizable. Please feel free to fill in your CPA firm's information and distribute them to your clients.