RD Tax Credit - Food and Beverage Industry

Research & Development Tax Credit for the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage companies constantly face increasing costs and competitive pricing. A significant amount of these cost stem from R&D expenditures accumulated from improving products to meet new food safety guidelines and dietary standards as well as creating original new products to fill increasing demand for higher quality. The Federal R&D Tax Credit can help offset these expenses by providing tax credits for qualified research cost performed in the United States.

▪ History and definition
▪ Qualified activities: (Food, Processes, Packaging, Sustainability Efforts)
▪ How the credit works
▪ Identifying and documenting QRE
▪ Computing the credit
▪ Industry specific case studies

▪ Understand the R&D Tax Credit
▪ Learn how to identify qualifying activities
▪ Understand how the credit works
▪ Calculating the R&D tax credit[divider]