Homebuilders and multi-family developers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on an energy efficient home credit that is often overlooked. The 45L Tax Credit offers $2,000 per qualified dwelling unit that can also be claimed retroactively if missed in prior years; however, the clock is ticking. There is a limited timeframe for claiming missed credits, which is why it’s important to take advantage of this credit while it is still available to claim.

As industry-leading energy tax experts, we have secured millions in 45L tax credits for homebuilders and developers throughout the US. Even if you or your client have attempted to qualify for the 45L tax credit in the past and were unsuccessful, we highly recommend allowing our team to take a second look. The process for obtaining these credits requires an expert, third-party certification of credits. KBKG’s in-house team of engineers and energy tax experts provide a turnkey report with all calculations and certifications while providing expert guidance.

For a concise description of the 45L tax credit and what it means for homebuilders and developers, we’ve created this infographic. Have questions about 45L? We have answers. Contact our certified 45L experts today to see if you or your client qualifies for the credit.

Author: CJ Aberin, CCSP


45L - Infographic