It is not too late to accelerate cost segregation deductions on smaller residential properties using the Residential Cost Segregator®. The software was designed for tax preparers and only takes 15 minutes! Just email the client an online questionnaire for details about their building, then let the software do the rest.

For only $450, KBKG’s easy-to-use online software allows tax preparers and building owners to efficiently apply cost segregation on smaller properties up to 6 units with a depreciable tax basis of $600,000 or less (purchase price less land).

“I used the Residential Cost Segregator® software for a client that had multiple single-family rental properties. The cost seg report savings on the properties were tremendous. The client was very happy and I was able to charge a lot more for the tax return.” –Jeff Robertson, CPA, Klein, Bogakos and Robertson, CPAs Inc

With the tax deadline fast approaching, many tax preparers are faced with identifying opportunities for each client and taking action, all while filing under the wire. This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other tax preparers, by providing tax savings that were previously too costly.