Cost Segregation is now cost-effective for smaller properties using KBKG’s online software designed for tax preparers and building owners. The Residential Cost Segregator® shatters previous conceptions that cost segregation should only be recommended for larger properties with a depreciable basis over $750,000. With the software, tax preparers can generate retirement deductions and faster depreciation on smaller residential properties in just minutes, saving time and money.

The Residential Cost Segregator® is available for residential rental properties up to 6 units with a depreciable tax basis of $600,000 or less (purchase price less land). With the tax deadline fast approaching, many tax preparers are faced with identifying opportunities for each client and taking action, all while filing under the wire.

“Up until KBKG came out with their software we have never been able to help, in a cost-effective manner, clients when their building basis is less than $600,000. It is simple and provides defend-able results. Clients love it and I love the extra revenue.”
— Ray Simmons, Tax Preparer

For only $399, generate a cost segregation report in 3 easy steps providing this advanced tax planning strategy, while minimizing time and paperwork.