Cost Segregation study of a recently renovated medical office building in Denton, Texas.
Total improvement cost:$279,814.02.

Cost Segregation Study Results:
5 year property: $173.319.74 (38.06%)
39 year property: $106.494.28 (61.94%)

Building Details:
The medical office building in Denton, Texas was leased and then renovated and places in service in 2012.These renovations included cabinetry, interior doors, finishes, flooring, wall covering, painting, plumbing work, fire protection, HVAC ducting, and electrical work.

Building improvements analysed for the Cost Segregation study included:

  • Floor: Carpeting, ceramic/marble tile flooring, wood flooring.
  • Walls: Painted gypsum board and decorative wallpaper.
  • Ceilings: Painted sheetrock.
  • Sprinklers/Plumbing: The break room and exam rooms have 1 compartment sinks, water rough-ins, and the associated piping required by these fixtures.
  • HVAC: The temperature is regulated by rooftop mounted units.
  • Electric & Lighting: The medical offices in Denton, Texas are serviced by duplexes, junction boxes, and GFI’s. There are also telephone outlets and data/telephone outlets throughout the space. Standard fluorescent fixtures illuminate the interior spaces. Other lighting fixtures include recessed down lights. There is also a nurse call system.
  • Finished Millwork: Laminated upper and lower cabinetry, shelving, chair rail, and corner guards