Capitalization vs. Repairs – Audit Techniques Guide


The IRS recently released its Audit Techniques Guide related to issue of Capitalization vs. Repairs. This issue has received a significant amount of attention by the IRS over the last couple of years as many taxpayers have filed for Changes in Accounting Method to take advantage of missed deductions. Because the amount of deductions can … Read More

New IRS Developments on Statistical Sampling for Cost Segregation & Repair and Maintenance


If you own or operate multiple “chain” type properties such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, supermarkets, or service centers, the most cost effective way to take advantage of many available tax incentives involves using statistical sampling.Some popular applications of statistical sampling occur with Cost Segregation, Repair & Maintenance Tax Studies, Research & Development Credits, and … Read More

State, Local and Federal Incentives for Green Buildings


The wide array of tax and financial incentives for eco-minded construction and improvements have developers, architects and designers seeing green. Federal, state and local governments have created and extended over 2,000 financial incentive programs to reward energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy in the design, construction, and improvement of buildings and homes. To … Read More

Summary of the Small Business Jobs Act


Provisions to Provide Access to Capital100% Exclusion of Small Business Capital Gains Generally, non-corporate taxpayers may exclude 50 percent of the gain from the sale of certain small business stock acquired at original issue and held for more than five years. For stock acquired after February 17, 2009 and before January 1, 2011, the exclusion … Read More

Tax Incentives for Green Building Construction


Several lucrative federal tax incentives have been extended and enhanced for energy efficient design, construction, and improvement of buildings and homes. Companies that developed properties without necessarily trying to “go green” are often pleasantly surprised to discover that they qualify for these credits and deductions. The types of taxpayers that are likely to benefit from … Read More

Green Incentives: Rewarding the Environment—and Your Bottom Line


The federal tax incentives for going green have grown steadily over the past five years, yet many businesses fail to pursue them, leaving many tax credits and deductions on the table. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 introduced and renewed numerous energy tax breaks … Read More

Depreciation Quick Reference


There have been many changes to depreciation laws in the last year that have created some confusion regarding the qualification rules, recovery periods, and the applicability of bonus depreciation. For that reason, KBKG has created a reference table (below) to use as a guide when dealing with real property improvements.If you would like to more … Read More

Cost Segregation: A Closer Look at an Emerging Tax Planning Trend


Taxpayers and their advisers constantly are looking for ways to legally reduce their taxes by implementing planning solutions that will help them to shelter income against tax. In recent years, cost segregation has emerged as a popular method for reducing taxable income for taxpayers with real estate investments or commercial entities with leasehold improvements. Cost … Read More