KBKG Launches New Residential Cost Segregation Software


  Press Release: Pasadena, California, December 1, 2016 – KBKG, a nationwide tax solutions firm headquartered in Pasadena, California, recently launched the Residential Cost Segregator™, an innovative cost segregation software which allows tax preparers and building owners to generate detailed cost segregation reports on smaller residential properties. The Residential Cost Segregator™ shatters previous conceptions that … Read More

The Residential Cost Segregator™ is now available for Condominiums & Townhomes


The Residential Cost Segregator™ is KBKG’s latest online software that allows CPA’s to generate custom reports in just minutes, providing tax benefits to clients without hiring a specialist. For $450 per report, increase deductions by an average of $20,000 in the first five years. Available for Residential Rental Properties up to 6 units with a … Read More