KBKG Tax Insight: Can You Claim 45L Tax Credits Retroactively?


Yes, 45L tax credits can be claimed retroactively if they have been missed on prior tax returns. Since 45L tax credits are triggered in the year that a dwelling unit is first leased or sold, some taxpayers incorrectly think that the tax credits need to be claimed timely on current year tax returns. In reality, … Read More

45L: The Energy Efficient Home Credit – Infographic


Homebuilders and multi-family developers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on an energy efficient home credit that is often overlooked. The 45L Tax Credit offers $2,000 per qualified dwelling unit that can also be claimed retroactively if missed in prior years; however, the clock is ticking. There is a limited timeframe for claiming missed credits, … Read More

Affordable Housing Developers & Investors are Often Missing Out on $2,000 per Unit


Affordable housing developers benefit from various tax credits from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to Rehab Credits yet they still fail to claim a tax credit that is often geared towards their developments: the Section 45L Tax Credit. Section 45L is a commonly overlooked section of the tax code that rewards energy efficient dwelling units with … Read More

Energy Efficient Buildings Can Pay Off with Tax Credits


Federal Tax Incentives for Multi-Family DevelopersDevelopers in the multifamily industry are faced with the decision to build their projects to more energy efficient specifications or to keep them standard. The question for many has been – whether the prospective tenants will pay more in rent for a more energy efficient “green” property. Findings have indicated … Read More

45L Tax Credit study 81 units apartments Selma California


Summary: 81 units. Apartment complex Results: Section 45L Tax Credits for 2011 = $162,000.Details: The apartment complex in Selma, California is an 81-unit residential complex comprised of 13 buildings that are each no more than 3 stories above grade. 81 dwelling units were leased to residents in 2011.The property is located in Climate Zone 3B … Read More