Sasha Brenecki is a Senior Manager with KBKG specializing in Cost Segregation and fixed asset services overseeing the Midwest region. She has over 6 years of experience conducting cost segregation studies, section 481a adjustment calculations, and fixed asset reviews which include residential rental property, commercial retail property, and industrial manufacturing facilities. Her responsibilities include project management, 481a technical training for staff engineers, client development and proposals, and recruitment.

Prior to joining KBKG in 2015, Sasha worked as a consultant at BKD, LLC in Merrillville, Indiana within the cost segregation group.

Sasha graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in construction management. Currently, she is completing the Master of Science in Accounting at DePaul University. Also, she is a member of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals.

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