Leadership at KBKG

Here at KBKG, our leadership includes numerous specialists, finance experts, and former IRS personnel. Our combined experience and knowledge regularly benefit a wide range of CPAs, CFOs, and small business owners. We have extensive knowledge of tax credits and incentives, and our primary goal is to help you save the most money and improve your cash flow. Our leadership takes a dynamic and innovative approach to specialty tax services, and this approach has resulted in KBKG becoming a leader in its field. Our team of tax specialists is wholly committed to your satisfaction.

Gregory A. Kniss

Chariman of the Board

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Bradley Sander

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Donna Bateman | KBKG CFO

Donna Bateman

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Hugh | KBKG COO

Elizabeth Hugh

Chief Operating Officer

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bill taylor

Bill Taylor

R&D - Director

Jack Jolly | KBKG Director

Jack Jolly

R&D - Director

Michael Maroney | KBKG Director

Michael Maroney

R&D - Director

John Manolos

John Manolos

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Sasha Brenecki | KBKG Manager

Sasha Brenecki

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Jilian Jones - Senior Manager

Jillian Jones

Green Building Tax Incentives - Senior Manager

Brian Applebaum | KBKG Senior Manager

Brian Applebaum

R&D - Senior Manager

Jessica Bowen

Jessica Bowen

R&D - Manager

Mike Kniss

R&D - Senior Manager

mike cornell

Mike Cornell

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Winston Shurtz

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Justin Glim

Green Building Tax Incentives - Manager

Elise Rhee

Elise Rhee

R&D - Director

Ryan Lehnau | KBKG Cost Segregation Manager

Ryan Lehnau

Cost Segregation - Manager

Brandon ValVerde, CEPE

Green Building Tax Incentive - Director

Jonathan Rothstein Headshot

Jonathan Rothstein

Recruiting Manager

Ian Williams, Director Research & Development Tax Credits and Employee Retention Credits | KBKG

Ian Williams

R&D - Director

Mark Bodenstab

R&D - Director

Artur Babian

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Ryan VanderVelden | KBKG Manager

Ryan VanderVelden

Cost Segregation - Senior Manager

Jesse Satnley KBKG Director

Jesse Stanley, PE

Green Building Tax Incentive - Director

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Gina Lim

Managing Director

aaron massey

Aaron Massey

Regional Director - Northeast

David Turpin

Regional Director - Southeast

Matthew Geltz

Regional Director - South

Roderick Smith | KBKG Regional Director

Roderick Smith

Regional Director - West

JW Miller KBKG Account Manager

JW Miller

Account Manager - Pacific Northwest

Chad Niehaus | KBKG Regional Director

Chad Niehaus

Director - East

Alan Rush | KBKG Regional Director

Alan Rush

Regional Director - West

Dori Eden | KBKG Regional Director

Dori Eden

Regional Director - Southeast

Matt Kemp

Regional Director -Southeast

steven latchin jr

Steven Latchin

Regional Director - West


Marquise Kai

Business Development Manager - National

Lon.O'Connor | KBKG Director

Lon O'Connor

Director - West

Alexis McClellan | KBKG New York Regional Director

Alexis McClellan

Regional Director - Northeast

KBKG Justin Brumfield Regional Director

Justin Brumfield

Regional Director - Northeast

Michelle Snyder

Michelle Snyder

Regional Director - West

William Long | KBKG Regional Director

William Long

Regional Director - Pacific Northwest

sarin keshishian

Sarin Keshishian

Sales Support Manager - National

John Frack | KBKG Sr. Regional Director

John Frack

Sr. Regional Director - Team Lead - Pacific Northwest

KBKG Andy Gerstenhaber Senior Regional Director

Andy Gerstenhaber

Director - 179D

Kyle Ernsberger | KBKG Regional Director

Kyle Ernsberger

Regional Director - Midwest

Michelle Vitale

Regional Director - West

Sade Kolade

Account Manager - Southeast

Brittany Loveday | KBKG Cost Segregation Manager

Brittany Loveday

Sr. Business Development Consultant - Southeast

Karla North KBKG Sr. Business Development Director

Karla North

Sr. Business Development Consultant - National

Lee Melbourne-Weaver | KBKG Client Relations

Lee Melbourne-Weaver

Sr. Business Development Consutant - West

Transformation of a Complex Process

Our specialists understand that tax credit studies can be difficult to perform on your own. They simply are not done every day, and if you are a CPA, CFO, or small business owner, you will need a team on your side capable of handling these studies with ease. Here at KBKG, our leaders have a commitment to helping our clients perform tax credit studies to reduce their tax burden and increase cash flow.

We take pride in working with clients from numerous business backgrounds, and we can help with tax planning strategies, such as cost segregation, and tax incentives, such as the R&D tax credit. We aim to transform a complex and exhausting process into a fairly straightforward undertaking that requires little effort and time on your part.

In-Depth Knowledge of Tax Rules and Regulations

The knowledge experts at KBKG have an in-depth understanding of current IRS rules and regulations, in addition to a strong background in finance, accounting, and tax credit laws. For this reason, KBKG is one of the leading providers of specialty tax services in the industry. We deliver high-quality work on time so you can manage your busy schedule, and our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients do not waste excessive time or effort.

Our leaders place a significant amount of emphasis on the discovery process. In other words, we take the necessary time to evaluate whether you are eligible for a variety of tax credits according to the IRS’s current rules and regulations. We will always inform you if it is worth your time and energy to take the next steps of the process.