New Legislation Replaces California Enterprise Zones


URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! 2013 will be the last tax year for which businesses may engage in qualified Enterprise Zone hiring or purchasing. Business should document as much Enterprise Zone tax credit as possible now to preserve credits for the eleven year carry forward period. » Contact us and MAXIMIZE your Enterprise Zone credits!Governor Brown signed … Read More

IRS Notice 2013-14 Allows Retroactive WOTC Certification


IRS Notice 2013-14 authorizes employees eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit under non-VOW Act criteria to be certified by a state workforce agency through April 29, 2013 if they were hired between January 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. The entire text of the Notice can be found here:

Enterprise Zones to be Severely Limited


As you may be aware, the California Enterprise Zone program is currently undergoing an administrative rulemaking process which will severely reduce or eliminate the tax credit for many businesses. New regulations are anticipated to go into effect in June. Businesses located in Enterprise Zones should review their tax credits to ensure all available credits under … Read More

San Diego Enterprise Zone Expansion 9/4/2012


On September 4, 2012, San Diego Regional Enterprise Zone was approved for an expansion. The expansion added a total of 2889 acres to existing zone that is north of Interstate 8. The SDREZ now includes Rancho Bernardo, Miramesa, Kearny Mesa, Grantville, North Bay, Delevan Drive Properties, National City, and 4 separate areas within Chula Vista. … Read More

Pasadena EZ Received 2012 Expansion


The Enterprise Zone in the City of Pasadena received a second expansion in 2012.  Taxpayer’s should re-screen Pasadena addresses to ensure all available benefits are fully realized for 2012 onward.  Apportionment computations may also be positively affected.  See the gold areas of the map below to identify new areas. Buildings at the following intersections are … Read More

New for 2012: Los Angeles Harbor Gateway Communities Enterprise Zone


The newly-designated Harbor Gateway Enterprise Zones has a 15-year life effective May 1, 2012. It includes a stretch of southern Los Angeles County from Huntington Park to San Pedro. The zone is primarily comprised of industrial areas and is located adjacent to several other Enterprise Zones in the region including the Southgate-Lynwood, Long Beach and … Read More

Update: San Jose Enterprise Zone 2012


On December 31, 2006, San Jose was approved for a new Enterprise Zone designation with a 10-square mile area. This Enterprise Zone was expanded to 12-square miles on January 9, 2009. In addition to the pre-existing zone boundaries, the 2009 expansion included North San Jose, Rincon de Los Esteros, East San Jose, Edenvale and Airport … Read More

California Enterprise Zone Mid-Year Update


» Lookup Enterprise Zone Addresses » Enroll in Free Enterprise Zone CPE for Tax Preparers Legislative Recap Currently, the Enterprise Zones are undergoing an administrative rule-making analysis. Potential program impacts include the elimination or limitation of a taxpayer’s ability to:• Voucher eligible employees retroactively • Claim certain qualifying criteria • Participate in the program without … Read More