179D Tax Deduction Virginia

Our team of engineers and tax experts will obtain the maximum 179D deductions available in the state of Virginia, following IRS guidance. The deduction ranges between $0.60/sq ft and $1.80/sq ft for energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and the building envelope. The process for obtaining the 179D deduction in Virginia requires a detailed analysis that must be certified by a qualified third party. KBKG has the in-house expertise and the required professional qualifications to certify your Virginia property as required by the IRS.

Case Study: Virginia

A retail shopping center in Virginia Beach, Virginia with 205,778 square feet qualified for the 179D lighting deduction.

KBKG successfully obtained $246,934 in total 179D tax deductions.

Eligible improvements

Eligible improvements must reduce energy use for any of the following categories: a building's envelope, HVAC, and/or interior lighting systems. There are different ways to pursue a deduction and all require comparison to the ASHRAE Standards and certification by a qualified expert.

Eligible deductions for Architects & Designers
Architects and designers in Virginia who implement energy efficient designs on government buildings are also eligible for the deduction if their design meets the criteria.

Section 179D Benefits

Size of
Partial Tax Deductions
Full Tax
50,000 sf
$15K - $30K
100,000 sf
$30K - $60K
300,000 sf
$90K - $180K