KBKG TPR Package

The experts at KBKG have been following the development of the Tangible Property Regulations (“TPR”) since 2006. Our team continues to provide thought leadership on these complicated and lengthy regulations through national tax publications and educational societies.

We have created an online, subscription-based, self-service package of templates, checklists, and guidelines that CPAs can utilize to implement the Tangible Property Regulations. It was designed with the individual CPA in mind to make this process as practical and simple as possible while minimizing unnecessary work.

The KBKG TPR Package provides a detailed toolset that allows you to service your clients at the highest level. It includes a detailed overview of key changes, including important accounting method changes and detailed information surrounding elections.

The KBKG TPR Package includes:

  1. Global Action Steps designed to identify the most common and new elections you should file for, minimum accounting method changes, and a timeline with key dates on executing a TPR plan in the current and future years.
  2. Detailed CAM 3115 Templates, including changes #184, #186, #187, #196, #21. These examples are available in both an excel format and fillable PDF. Detailed instructions include KBKG’s comments and cover letter templates for submitting the 3115 to the IRS.
  3. Election Statement Templates – including De Minimis Safe Harbor, Election to Capitalize RM costs and Small Taxpayer Safe Harbor.
  4. A detailed, step-by-step action plan centered on the scope and project layout of TPR projects. Through a detailed action plan, you will be able to identify additional value-added services that may benefit your client base.
  5. Project check list for both the assessment phase and the compliance phase which can be integrated into your client work papers.
  6. Marketing and client focused communications. Templates providing written communications that can be used to approach your client base.
  7. Engagement letter templates for both assessment and compliance of a TPR engagement.
  8. Reference materials including KBKG’s Election and CAM Chart and KBKG’s Repairs vs. Capitalization Decision Tree.
  9. KBKG Web Presentation – prerecorded presentation on the Final Tangible Property Regulations.
  10. Free analysis of client tax depreciation schedule and estimated benefits for Section 481(a).

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