Rusty Grafman, Director of Business Development
Rusty Grafman, M.A.

Director - Marketing
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Rusty Grafman is the Director of Marketing at KBKG and oversees the firm’s marketing efforts. Rusty has spent his entire career focused on servicing a wide variety of clients, including Middle Market and Fortune 500 companies, across a broad range of industries.

Rusty has been involved in the design and implementation of marketing campaigns providing benefits specific to a wide variety of industries that include retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals, casinos, offices, hotel resorts, manufacturing facilities, apartments, automotive dealerships, gas stations, manufacturing and alternative energy production and transmission facilities.

Through his in-depth knowledge of real estate related issues across a wide swath of industries, Rusty has provided a wide range of services including cost segregation, property tax, fixed asset consulting and implementation, embedded cost studies, 179D energy efficiency incentives, alternative energy grant and credit certification, construction risk consulting, repair vs. capitalization review 263(a), bonus depreciation consulting, research and development tax credits and sales and use tax analysis.

Prior to joining KBKG, Rusty was the National Head of Fixed Asset Marketing for a Big Four accounting firm where he specialized in servicing Middle Market and Fortune 500 clients across the United States and Canada. His prior experience includes the design, implementation, and execution of targeted campaigns to provide tax services to clients based upon recent legislation and IRS guidance. Over the course of his thirteen years of professional services marketing experience, he has focused his career development on a variety of sales and marketing services and analytics, including business development, return on investment analysis, strategic market service line/product placement, corporate and service level branding, event management including roundtables and conferences, external and internal communications, strategic account planning, and alliance development and management.

Rusty graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Political Science. In addition, Rusty graduated from USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism, with a M.A. focusing on Communication Management and Marketing. He is a member of the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi.