KBKG Tax Insight: Online Cost Segregation Savings Calculator Provides Instant Estimated Tax Projection for any Building

03/22/2017Cost Segregation, News, Recent News, Tax Insight

KBKG’s complimentary online cost segregation tax savings calculator provides instant, estimated tax projections and is easy to use. Just enter the building details and instantly receive a summary detailing the additional depreciation deductions each year generated by a cost segregation study. “KBKG’s free Cost Segregation Calculator is quick and easy when I need a high-level … Read More

KBKG Tax Insight: Gian Pazzia Discusses Cutting Edge Cost Segregation Software

03/14/2017Cost Segregation, News, Recent News, Tax Insight

Recently, the Tax Resolution Institute invited KBKG subject matter expert, Gian Pazzia, to present a live discussion on KBKG’s new cutting edge software, the Residential Cost Segregator®. Watch the video for an overview on the topic and to learn how tax preparers can use the software to accelerate deductions on smaller residential properties, which was … Read More

KBKG Tax Insight: Monetize R&D Tax Credits: Start-ups and Small Businesses

02/11/2017R&D Tax Credit, Recent News, Tax Insight

What start-up or small business wouldn’t want an extra $250,000? Thanks to The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (“PATH”) Act of 2015, there is a new opportunity to monetize research and development (“R&D”) tax credits. Start-ups and small businesses who were previously unable to realize a benefit from this lucrative incentive should reassess R&D tax … Read More

KBKG Tax Insight: IRS Provides Extension to Claim Missed Repair Deductions on 2016 Returns

12/27/2016News, Recent News, Repair Regulations, Tax Insight

The recently released IRS Notice 2017-6 extended a special eligibility rule for taxpayers making an automatic change of accounting method providing an opportunity to continue to take advantage of the Tangible Property Regulations (TPRs) on 2016 tax returns. KBKG Insight: Current rules under Rev. Proc. 2015-13 prevent taxpayers from making an automatic change in accounting … Read More

KBKG Tax Insight: IRS Issues Final Regulations Surrounding the Qualification of Internal Use Software towards the R&D Tax Credit

10/04/2016News, R&D Tax Credit, Tax Insight

On October 4, 2016, the Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations which provide guidance on the qualification of internal use software (“IUS”) for purposes of the Section 41 Credit for Increasing Research Activities. The final regulations (TD 9786) address many of the comments received regarding the proposed regulations that were released in January of 2015. … Read More

Estate Planning Strategy Using Cost Segregation

08/19/2016News, Recent News, Tax Insight

Real estate owners and investors often use cost segregation studies to accelerate depreciation deductions, generate current income tax benefits, and improve cash flow. But did you know that a cost segregation study can also be used as a powerful estate-planning tool? One of the advantages of transferring property at death (rather than by lifetime gift) … Read More