Tracking Time Spent on R&D

12/03/2012News, R&D Tax Credit

Dallas Business Journal Interviews The KBKG Director of R&D Tax Credits The Dallas Business Journal interviewed Bruce Stubbs, Director of R&D at KBKG Inc., in an article titled “Extra Credit for Innovation”. In the interview, Bruce recommends using a time tracking system for employees who are involved in R&D. “Anybody that touches the project, you … Read More

Take Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit

02/07/2012News, R&D Tax Credit

With tax season rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to evaluate the potential savings that the R&D Credit can provide before filing your 2011 tax return. The R&D credit allows companies to receive tax credits for activities that incur expenses intended to develop new, improved and more reliable products, processes and formulas. The federal … Read More